Message-Me is a hosted 24x7 365 answering service that enables you to intelligently route & respond to important calls.

Using the message-me portal you can set dynamic rules for routing details of a call to a recipient or group of recipients based on time of day, skillset and contact medium. It is also possible to supply one or more alternative contacts and configure escalation intervals so should the message recipient not acknowledge receipt of the message within the pre-defined escalation period, additional contacts may be tried. For example, a medical clinic may choose to route calls on weekdays from 8am to 6pm to a centralized receptionist, from 6pm to 11pm to an on-call mobile phone and from 11pm to 8am to a pager service. They may also choose to configure that if a page received after 11am is not acknowledged within 15 minutes, a secondary page to a group of staff is sent.

Message-Me offers two-way acknowledgement and notification according to user preferences. This means the message-me platform will first attempt delivery via email, if the recipient does not acknowledge the email within a set period they will then be dispatched an SMS, and so-on. For example; during business hours a business may elect to receive notification via email initially and and escalation to SMS 20 minutes later if no action was taken, but after 7pm the user preferences may stipulate a voice notification (phone-call) as first preference, followed by escalation to pager after 15 minutes.

Full message auditing and reporting is available at your fingertips.