Locator Service

The SmartSpeak Locator is a store locate by telephone service.

Using this service, callers may speak their preferred suburb (or enter a post-code using the telephone keypad). This is then referenced against the locator portal, offering back a list of the nearest locations and other information such as the physical address, opening hours, products & services offered and connection to the store if allowed.

You are able to manage store details, opening hours and other details via the locator portal in real-time via a secure internet site. You may also define custom rules, such as the search radius based on the spoken suburb or entered post-code. The caller is able to select the appropriate store from a list if more than one-result is available.

SmartSpeak’s Locator service uses geospatial data to provide intelligent distance routing to your nearest stores or services. This feature creates a better user experience for your customers when compared to traditional locator services that calculate distance via point-to-point calculation, as these services do not account for impassable terrain or optimal travel routes.

Reporting and analytics are included for spoken locations, selected store and call volumes.

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