Critical Incident Management

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Critical Incident Management (CIM) is a software solution that enables any institution to effectively manage incidents like medical emergencies or lockdowns on a site or campus from a single user portal.

The system is able to broadcast critical messages via telephone either campus-wide or to a select area such as a sub-college, school or building. Delivery and acceptance of the message is shown real-time on the interactive map. Once an end-user confirms the message has been received, that specific building will change status on the interactive map; allowing instant and effective management to occur.

Staff are able to monitor all broadcasts and events via the secure CIM portal; which may be viewed on any PC, MAC or iOS™ device. The portal also includes live chat, enabling multiple users to collaborate on real-time events and share information pertaining to the incident instantly. For example, a staff member near the incident is able to pass critical information back to a central location that is coordinating an emergency services response.

CIM also incorporates a plug-in to Tass™, meaning student medical or parental contact information is available in real-time. This means that staff have rapid access detailed information via mobile devices, allowing them to perform tasks such as relaying student specific information to a paramedic in real time without having to return to or make contact with an administration office.

One of the major features of CIM is Lockdown: the ability to instantly advise all linked devices of a situation and configure the interactive map. A lockdown may be initiated by calling a pre-defined telephone extension, or triggered via the CIM portal. The system may also require proper authorization to commence a lockdown if configured. All buildings on the campus map are then changed to red (lockdown unconfirmed), until the end-user acknowledges the situation via the telephone handset in that building; which in-turn changes that buildings colour code to blue (acknowledgement of lockdown), signifying the message has been heard and acknowledged. This enables staff to quickly visualize who has not acknowledged the lockdown, allowing a concentrated effort on those areas of the campus.

CIM has been developed for the Mitel™ telephone platform but also integrates with any sip-capable endpoint including Microsoft Lync™. Integration with existing PA systems, fire panels or bell systems is also possible. We are happy to advise you on whether your systems and peripheral devices are CIM compatible.