Store Locator Service

The SmartSpeak Store/Service Locator is a locate by telephone service.

Using this service, callers may speak their preferred location or suburb (or enter a post-code using the telephone keypad). This is then referenced against the locator portal, offering back a list of the nearest locations and other information such as, the physical address, opening hours, products & services offered and connection to the store if allowed. Click here for more information.

Critical Incident Management

Critical Incident Management or CIM is a software based solution that enables any institution to effectively manage incidents (such as medical emergencies) or lockdowns on a campus from a single location.

The system is able to broadcast critical messages via telephone either campus-wide or to a select area (such as a sub-college or school), or building. Acceptance or delivery of the message is shown real-time on the interactive map. Once an end-user confirms receipt of the message, that specific building will change status/color indicating just this. Click here for more information.


Message-Me is a dedicated answering service whereby a caller may leave their preferred callback number to be contacted on.

Using the message-me portal calendaring system, you may set the recipient or recipients based on time of day, skillset and contact medium. You may also wish to supply one or more alternative contacts and escalation intervals so should the message recipient knot acknowledge receipt of the message within the pre-defined escalation period, additional contacts may be tried. Click here for more information.

Voice of the Customer

SmartSpeak has over five years of experience at providing bespoke Voice Of the Customer solutions to some of Australia's leading businesses.

We are adept at creating VOC solutions that provide industry recognised metrics such as CSAT and Satmetrix certified NPS via multiple simultaneous channels of delivery. Click here for more information.